You Don’t Want to Try Their ‘Half-and-Half’

My [ex-]girlfriend thinks I’m crazy, but “I HAVE to eat here” is the only acceptable reaction to seeing this place. Actually, the evening sun doesn’t quite do it justice. But believe me, when you’re driving down US-41 at 4 AM, Showtown lights up as brightly as 1,000 irradiant Angels; all blowing their trumpets as loudly as God’s magical lungs will allow them.

Now I’ll give her that it was rather strange that the restaurant is located behind the bar, and is also half the size of said bar. But we’re not natives of Gibsonton, and thus shouldn’t be judging the locals. I’m sure they felt we were just as strange for dining with shoes on!

See? Showtown’s radiance is almost too bright for my camera! Bleeding in through the windows!

Don’t let that smile fool you, she’s out for blood. That’s the “it’s his birthday so I’ll smile” smile. Also the “oh my God, where are we?” smile. With a bit of the “he owes me come my birthday” smile.

The [ex-]girlfriend wasn’t the only one shocked by my choice. The waitress seemed equally surprised to have any business. While you could feel the bass pumping through the wall from the hopping bar, the restaurant was clearly dead. Only one guest other than us, and he just stopped in for a pick-up. So the waitress had to ask:

“Where y’all from?,” obviously hoping for some kind of “we’re on a cross-country trip and haven’t eaten all day” type of answer.

Instead she received, “Up in Tampa.” Cover blown. Rather then desperate travelers, we’re now the weirdoes. Having willingly driven thirty-odd miles to eat at some tiny restaurant hidden behind the town’s only watering hole.

Boy, they weren’t prepared for us. Readers of my fair exploits will know I have no qualms about poisoning myself with fatty foods if it seems socially appropriate. After all, when in Rome you do as the Romans do. When in Gibsonton, you do as the carnies did. Cheese, chili fries? Check. Except they ran out of chili! And fried chicken! Inadvertently extending my birthday celebrations another day, for me to get my fried food fix.

Don’t worry about us though, we both eased up after the onion rings were served.


6 Responses to “You Don’t Want to Try Their ‘Half-and-Half’”

  1. This blog made me giggle out loud a little bit.

  2. amyblam Says:

    I think the clowns on the wall would have done me in, all eyeballing me while I try to eat and stuff.

  3. lol
    you have a great sense of hummer
    which makes a great writer
    i liked this blog a lot and now i want to visit that little restaurant

  4. lol ,your pictures is very Cute.I think you must be friendly one. Come on you are best one. You can you do.

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