All I Wanted Was a Stamp!

Seriously. One hour and two Post Offices later, my letters and bills are still unposted. What’s this world coming to when you can’t leave your apartment at 10PM and mail things across the nation?

I did pick up a change of address form, so I guess the trip(s) wasn’t a total bust. Plus I’m still on the wall about paying one of those bills…

It’s one of those you-forget-your-appointment-we-charge-you-$25 bills the less fortunate of us get from our doctors from time to time. I had never agreed with the concept when signing the waiver agreeing to pay, but when you need a doctor, you’re not in a place to argue. So I signed anyway.

Now my problem with these contracts isn’t really about the money. I can understand the reasoning behind the bill. Their time, like mine, is valuable. More so, as they’re doctors, and I’m not. So when someone schedules an appointment and then doesn’t show, that’s time right there that could’ve gone to paying customers. I’ve suddenly changed from a patient into an anarchist intent on dismantling the capitalist system one medicinal brick at a time!

The fact that they’re doctors is also the main reason I don’t believe I should have to pay it. Have they ever awarded me a $25 credit when I arrive on time only to have to wait past the scheduled hour? Of course not, they can’t control when a patient’s visit will carry-on longer than expected. Or when they book three patients to two doctors, with the understanding that one patient will most likely drop out. And that’s where it gets me: I have to pay for not being on time even though many times they’re banking (figuratively and literally!) on me not showing up.

So when I missed my appointment I soon received a bill in the mail. Since I was already swamped with bills and moving costs, this bill went on the back burner. A week passes and I receive a duplicate bill in the mail. This starts me thinking, how long can they continue mailing bills before the costs of having someone type up (or at least print) the bill and send it becomes more expensive than the original fine itself? And would they, after reaching this point, continue with their mail campaign? Throwing money away just to know they’re “right.”

So the bill continues to sit on the counter. The check’s already signed and dated, all it needs is to be sent. Which’ll now be a long time coming, or however long it takes me to find a doctor in the new town. Since I can’t really expect them to be willing to fax my records if I owe them cash, no matter how questionable the bill. So I’ll sit here and bask in my own, self-awarded glory until I either a.) need to see the doctor again, or b.) need to see this doctor again.


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