Open With a Eyesore

“You have to watch this one here, he’ll screw around when you’re not looking.”
-My boss.

We were discussing getting corporate support for store problems at work. Generally it’s a pain, because all the support has been outsourced to India. So there’s a language barrier to overcome, not to mention the already daunting “work” barriers. (As one party is overly concerned with making sales, while the other party knows nothing but technical concerns.)

So asking for help can take awhile. Usually, at its fastest, a couple days. Sometimes weeks if said language barrier rears its ugly head. In my experience I’ve found that they’ll normally provide me with an answer that is impossible; thus forcing me to give negative feedback and wait for an apologizing response from their (presumably English) boss: “Sorry they didn’t understand the question.”

When faced everyday with a situation such as this, there’s really only one thing someone can do, endeavor to create additional confusion.

This was the first one my co-worker discovered when she was checking the message boards. “Uh, I think you made a mistake yesterday. You wrote…”

“Poop instead of pop!,” I interjected. “I did that on purpose. They’re also not race car shaped!”

Her face lit up. Finally she had a boss who wasn’t afraid to inject low-brow humor into the draining, monotonous corporate environment!

So I clued her in on my goal to make all my descriptions patently false. Writing about items I wished we sold rather then what we do sell.

2 Responses to “Open With a Eyesore”

  1. you are hilarious!

  2. I love stumbling across blogs like yours that are this “tongue in cheek.” So funny. Looking forward to reading more!

    Thanks for stopping by 36×37 last week. I appreciate your comment.

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