Halloween Endurance Test: the Mummy’s Ghost (1944)

You have to respect, if not love, the unabashed audacity the Mummy franchise displays in all its films. This one starts on a college campus, in an archeology class. A class with a professor who has no problem talking about the live mummies found roaming the landscape.

the Mummy's Ghost - Mummy Walk 2

These films inhabit a reality that looks just as ours does, only where the dead come back to life and no one questions it. It just becomes another occupational hazard.

the Mummy's Ghost - Mummy Grab

“There’s traces of a foreign substance around his throat. It’s the mummy.”

the Mummy's Ghost - Mummy Murder

See? Everyone knows about the Mummy, and no one fears him anymore. Going so far as to break into smaller militia-squads to protect the town when a mummy is sighted.

This is important since all the characters from the Mummy’s Hand were murdered in the Mummy’s Tomb, the filmmakers had to focus this film upon the Mummy, Kharis himself. Specifically the Order of Amon-Ra, the (ever-growing) cult that keeps the mummy around to carry out any needed assassinations.

the Mummy's Ghost - crazy staircase

the Mummy's Ghost - Ritual

Now I swore the Order would be running out of priests after the last film. The Mummy’s Tomb having that ending where the high priest tries to take the protagonist’s love interest as his bride. To “make the next high priest of Kharis.” Here, however, the Order has no trouble finding aged replacements.

the Mummy's Ghost - Mad Scientisty

Finding Egyptians who look as if they’re from Africa, on the other hand, was quite tough for the filmmakers. These “Egyptians” are whiter than Charlton Heston. They probably mistook Cairo, Egypt for Cairo, Georgia.

the Mummy's Ghost - Mummy Walk

Even stranger, we’re then treated to many extended “chase” scenes through what looks like mid-western thickets. Years before Friday the 13th, Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan we had this: the Mummy’s Ghost: Kharis Takes Missoula!

“I’m going to take you to New York to be among my people” (emphasis mine). If it wasn’t for the fact that everyone in the film is clearly white, I’d say there are serious racial undertones running through this production. Unless undergrad wanna-be archeologists are an ethnicity all their own.

the Mummy's Ghost - Mummy Mad!

What? The “Egyptian” girlfriend dies in the end? The Mummy’s ghost finally gets his bride, after waiting 4,000 years? After a chase through the Missoula cornfields straight into Missoula’s treacherous marsh? Move over Sixth Sense, this this is a conclusion you’d never expect: the Mummy wins!


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  1. Horatio Pringle Says:

    ShenaniTims is full of shit.

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