Halloween Endurance Test: 30 Days of Night (2007)

Oxymoron alert!  Shouldn’t it, given the nature of the beast, technically be: 30 Nights of Night

And shouldn’t the US’ northern-most town be full of Indians?  Not white folk? 

Okay, okay, there was one Indian in the movie.  Naturally he dies, but by human hands.  I guess death by vampire is too good for those people.  Chuck D wasn’t overboard on “Burn, Hollywood, Burn” after all.

I was worried about this film.  It stars absolutely nobody.  But it is rated “R,” which is always a plus when discussing horror films.

The overhead shot of the street massacre is a nice touch.  Far too often Hollywood relies on mids and close-ups.  Like a damned soap opera.  Remembering to include a Renfield character is nice too.

Am I the only one who really wants the vampires to have been Russians?  A modern, undead-twist to Red Dawn!

The movie does lose coolness points for making vampirism as easy to spread as zombie-ism.  These monsters are both undead folks!  Besides the way(s) you dispose of them, how the condition spreads is the only other point differentiating them!

Getting scratched by one will transform you, but having your throat chewed through won’t afflict you.  These might be the most complicated vampires ever put on the silver screen.

Nice touch that you can't see here, this girl's rocking the Einsturzende Neubaten man on her arm!

All in all, an effective vampire movie.  Even if it is also the least effective piece of propaganda to come down the pipe in awhile.  Look at it: the terrorists (read: vampires) show how easily a town can be overrun.  Cut off the phones and electricity, and our precious oil pipelines in Alaska are at their undead mercy. 

Possibly Dick Cheney’s favorite horror movie of his administration. 


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