Halloween Endurance Test: Zombieland (2009)

An endurance test first!  As in this is the first time in the three years of doing this that I actually watched a true blue new release.  Not new to me, but to everyone!  A shocking display of modernity!

A successful mix of horror (the zombies) and humor, with little boring extraneous stuff thrown in to bog it down.  Also, it follows an additional rule its narrator doesn’t publicize: no movie shall be over 90 minutes!

Get in, have a few laughs, destroy some zombies, and get out.  How movies should be.

Zombieland‘s biggest failing is its humor; which is much too obvious and way too topical.  World of Warcraft?  Hanna Montana?  In twenty years everyone but me will have forgotten about these things.  And this damn film will be reminding me of them!  A true horror film!

This lack, however, is countered by the movie’s one great, running gag.  A gag involving Woody Harrelson’s character Tallahassee’s search for a Twinkie.  A search that never pays off.  Which is quite inspired. 

Every time he searches for Twinkies he either doesn’t find them (damn Snowballs!) or they’re destroyed in the process.  The kicker though, is there’s always some in the shadows on the right of the frame that he never sees.  Use this factoid the next time you argue with your parents over the virtues on pan-and-scanning. 

He never gets the pay-off (until the end at least) and it proves I really am a sucker for torture porn!

Zombieland follows the tried and true zombie basics.  No rewriting the rules as in Underworld.  There’s no history, no backstory; the characters won’t even exchange real names for fear of growing attached to each other.  Along with a grand open ending, in which they just drive off.  A brilliant use of the aforementioned (in commercials and everywhere else) rules.


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