There’s Really No Nice Way to Call Your Boss a “Dork!”

See? They're not ALL about circuses!

“So what do you read, besides books about the circus?,” asked my poor, enduring co-worker.  Just imagine having to work side-by-side with me everyday.  Hearing stories like the ones you read here, everyday.  And having no choice in the matter. 

I explained that I had been dividing my time with Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time and Charles Dickens’ Hard Times.  I thought I’d win some points by appearing smart.  Or appearing like I want to appear smart.  Which is just as good really.  Then I come home to find Chuck had left this treasure in his book:

“We were peeping at the circus,” muttered Louisa haughtily, without lifting up her eyes, “and father caught us.” (Dickens, 61.)


Not even literary great Charles Dickens could resist the circus’ clarion call!  Somehow his industrializing world just became a bit less gloomy.  It’s all so obvious now: Scrooge’s cotton candy business, the ghost of Christmas past’s arrival riding “the world’s smallest pony,” Tiny Tim’s dinner of pork-butt on a stick.  How could I have missed all those clues!?!

Can you hear that?  That was the sound of UF’s repo men taking my degree back.

I did manage to pester my co-worker into buying two derby tickets though.  She’s interested in checking it out.  Her attitude towards carnies, unfortunately, remains unchanged.


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