Rollerball (1975)

Enjoy my horror movie blogs? Well, here’s the all the same nerdishness, just about skates:

“Another factor that ages this film better than its successor are its mammoth sets. These sets are gigantic even by the ’70s, pre-CGI standards. (Made before they even had blue screens!) Acknowledging its stature as the sport that holds the world in place, Rollerball’s track was a real, banked track (at a 35 degree angle) that all the film’s “actors” (actually stuntmen in disguise) had to learn to skate on. A track built in of Munich’s leftover Olympic stadiums (one of the only stadiums left in the world with a sufficient enough size), by the same German engineers!”

Enticed? Finish it here!


One Response to “Rollerball (1975)”

  1. la cafe bomemianianarita… manana.

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