Franky Panky 2011: Junior Derby Chicks

In all efforts to retain any semblance of journalistic integrity I might still hold, I must start this recap off with two caveats: 1.) skater names will be few and far between for this bout, as their jerseys didn’t have their numbers printed on them, and it’s extremely difficult to read tiny numbers off of equally tiny biceps. 2.) I missed the first couple of jams because the Derby Chicks wait for nothing and no one, not even a giant bug infestation!

And that’s not even the beginning. Enticing, isn’t it? I know, so just click here and all your questions [legal disclaimer: questions about the Tampa Junior Derby Chicks’ Franky Panky 2011 bout] will be answered.

(Pssst… there’s even a link to the giant bug photo, for all you budding entomologists!)


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