Voted “Most Likely to Catch Gonorrhea!”

One of my co-workers admitted to watching The Proposition today.  And not in the “it was a movie my wife wanted to see” context.  No, he proclaimed it was good, and I’m assuming he’s still newly wed enough that his opinions can be his own when he’s away from her. 

This worries me.  Maybe I truly can’t relate to those around me, ‘cuz I thought the only people that film appealed to were those working in the studios. That’s the only reason I can think for seeing it.

I’m not trying to be all “you should only watch action movies or porn” or anything, but this? Really? Sounds like grounds for a divorce to me. All his wife would have to say to the judge is, “Your honor, the defendant is said to have enjoyed the Proposition.”

Loud, banging of the gavel, “Case closed! Ma’am, you will get everything and anything; including the dignity this man clearly refuses to acknowledge.”

Poor guy’s totally under its spell. Even admitting to being into romantic “comedies,” even when he doesn’t have to be!  Adding that “now [he] really wants to move to Alaska,” after he graduates.

This made me snicker (rather snicker louder).  All I know about Alaska I’ve learned through careful study of the acclaimed documentaries 30 Days of Night and Into the Wild.  Neither of which portray the state in the most favorable light.


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