Halloween Endurance Test: Blue Sunshine (1978)


The first time I watched Blue Sunshine I hated it. I forget where I bought it from, but it was touted as a lost classic, or something equally enticing. Unimpressed the first time around, I placed it in a box for years, until today I finally decided to give it another chance. The verdict? It is still as horrible as I remembered.

I’ve owned this film for years (the deluxe edition!) and can never remember what it’s about.  It’s that memorable.  Every time I scan my movies I pause on it; trying to recall what it’s about.  I fail at recalling anything, which makes me want to watch it again and give it a proper chance.

Well it just had its reprieve.

An anti-drug film dressed up as a horror flick?  What the hell were they thinking?  Did those goddamn Young Lifers script this one?

In the movie Blue Sunshine is a type of acid that everyone going to Stanford at a certain time period either used or sold.  Literally everyone, from the Liberal Arts college to the Med students.  Everyone in this film went to the same college at the same time, and all ended up living in the same (surprisingly unnamed) metropolis. 

Acid which makes the hair fall out of those who ingest it.  Years, decades even, after taking it.  The imbibers also get super-strength, which helps them on their eventual murderous rampage.  No, really, the movie’s not as good as that description makes it sound.  For example. one character balds himself while singing Sinatra songs at a party!

Is that what people do at parties?  Stand around and sing Sinatra tunes a capella?  Now I’m glad I’m a friendless hermit.  I’d end up murdering someone listening to that shit, probably after tearing my own hair out by the roots.  Turns out the acid was actually alright after all!

Not scary. Even if she IS about to murder some children.

Let’s get one thing straight: having your murderous (human) monsters distinguished by their baldness is not scary.  Even the big football player guy at the end.  He was a psycho before he transformed!  Rotting flesh is effective at creeping people out.  Worms work too.  So do loose, dripping out of their sockets eyeballs.  Being bald may be socially uncomfortable, but it’s not frightening.

I knew a girl in college who decided to shave her head completely bald one day.  If I had been a better ‘friend’ I might’ve asked her why she did it.  Honestly ridding herself of her long hair actually made her more awesome then she already was.  (She listened to Assuck constantly; which is a quality hard to find in anyone, let alone in the fairer sex.)

So maybe these drug users were just really progressive.  Maybe my friend got mixed up with some real life Blue Sunshine.  So many questions.  (Two actually.)

Blue Sunshine is allegedly a popular cult film.  As mentioned earlier the edition I bought is a deluxe reissue with a soundtrack and bonuses such as the short film the feature started out as.  A short I’ll (hopefully) never be bored enough to watch.

I guess I just prefer my Sunshine Black.


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