Bradentucky’s Nuclear Bombshells vs Ocala’s Cannibals

Outtake from my Bradentucky Nuclear Bombshells / Ocala Cannibals photos.

If the names Crash Test Barbie, Shitz n Giggles, and/or Blaque Jac mean anything to you, you probably live in or around Bradentucky FL. They’re just three integral parts to the roller derby masterpiece that was created a couple Sundays ago.

(Okay, okay, Blaque Jac didn’t actually skate, but she did provide me with the proper names of skaters, which is just as important if you’re a reporter trying not to make a fool of himself. Additional kudos going out to Ocala’s Megronomicon for helping out with her league’s names too.)

Derby epic-ness for all involved, including one little boy who can speak raptor!

Click here for all the fun.


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