Dancing at the Bottom

[Upon a second review, it’s come to my attention that you’ll probably have to click on each picture to read the blog’s T.A.’s integral thoughts. My apologies are, of course, somewhat mitigated by the fact that this one still cracks me up.]

Such as doorway signs bearing this blog’s title, there are some things that consistently make me laugh.  My physics notebook is one such thing.

I’ve been looking through my old college notebooks and it’s a wonder I graduated at all.  My professor (or more specifically, his assistant) had a penchant for grammar, and a stunning lack of humor. 


He totally missed the humorous effect I was going for by saying, “ain’t technically that hard.”  See, I was making light of the scientific process.  A lightness that eventually went (as it always does) too far…


This line makes me chuckle every time I read it:

The T.A. was very British, and (apparently) very square.  Unlike the Scottish professor whom I’m sure would have appreciated my wit.  (Wait, aren’t the British the ones that’re supposed to love dry wit?  Damn.)  The “sarcasm” as he called it (he even underlined it in case I had no idea what he was refering to!):

He did fail to underline the part where I take a shot at myself (“my own considerable human error”) which I think puts the entire conclusion in context.  And shit, I still feel that having a robot do the experiment would’ve yielded better results.  Note how he suspiciously doesn’t mention why that quote is inappropriate.  Which, to me, seems to be quite “vague” in and of itself. 

This reminds me that even though I don’t talk much, when I do decide to talk, you can bet it’ll be inappropriate in some way, shape or form.  Fucking robots getting me in trouble again… 

(I also love how it’s a college physics class and I’m still rocking the old school long division method in photo 2.  That makes me laugh too.)


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