Written While Not Eating Popcorn

I’m sorry, but I refuse to believe that it’s perfectly okay to call your boss “father.”  It is creepy on numerous levels.  Grow a backbone already; you’re an adult!  My friends tell me it’s totally alright, but I don’t (can’t) believe them. 

He’s your boss; all that really means is he signs your checks.  Shit, at this company he doesn’t even do that; corporate does. 

Creeping me out further was hearing how this executive delineates between calling him “father” and [shudder] “daddy.”  That’s correct, she uses both terms.  At work!  “Daddy” is reserved for when she needs help or guidance.  “Father” is for…

Oh my God, I think I just puked in my mouth.

Amazingly, she’s not the only one with no self respect either!  There’s a grown, “adult” (I guess) man who call the boss “father” too!  It’s going to be hard to look him in the eye knowing he was born without balls.  

Crap, I think I just puked everything that was left in my guts onto the floor!
How am I supposed to listen to him or them?  Why should I?  What motivation do I have?  What are they going to do?  Run home to mom?  Wait till your father gets here. I’m going to tell Dad!  Please do, fuckers.  My father could use some conversation.  And it’d save me from having to provide it. 

Self-respect must be a dying artform.  I know what he gets out of it.  It’s fun to watch others needlessly subjugate themselves.  But what do they get out of it?  Is the money that good?  Fuck it, I’ll stay happily broke.


One Response to “Written While Not Eating Popcorn”

  1. I wish that you had puked popcorn :/

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