Then “Yes,” I Agree!

I almost made it to work on time today.  That was until I turned around to lock the door and realized the little piece of paperwork magic sitting in my wallet.  So I whipped it out and placed it for my dorkus neighbors to read all day.  (Those lame-asses have namecards that actually say “Name card,” like they’re too dumb to know you’re supposed to put your own name there.  Or they’re really postmodern.  Fuck ’em either way!)  Naturally it then took me five minutes of shooting photos to get a decent enough shot of the damage done.  This is why I was late:

‘Nuff said I think.  If you ever come across this door while wandering through parking lots. well, you’ll know who lives there.  I even “redneck laminated” it (i.e. wrapped it in tape) so it’s protected from the elements!  Some days I shine so bright I don’t know what to do with myself. 

I think if my boss a.) cared that I was late, and then b.) knew the real reason why, he’d support me.  More than he does already!

Stephane claimed I was “a mess” when I made this yesterday at work.  I’m pretty sure she meant “mess” as in when you spill your bottle of awesomesauce all over the counter and have to clean it up.  Then yes, I agree!

[Of course, I moved after a couple of burglaries, so I’m assuming the new tenants have taken said sign down. Unless, they too, are awesome. But what’re the chances of that happening?

I did, however, remake the sign, and stick it in my wallet. This way whenever a girl checks my ID we share a laugh. And when a dude checks it, things become really uncomfortable. Everyone wins!]


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