Celebrating Eric Dickerson’s War Parade

I love Tara McPherson.

“Is that girl crying because she has a rabbit in her head?”

“No, I always thought that the rabbit was there to cheer her up.  She was crying, but now…”

It’s funny, I see that print everyday hanging across from my bed.  I never interpreted it as a negative thing though.  How could that little bunny be causing the girl’s problems?  Maybe she’s saddened because the bunny’s clearly stealing the spotlight?

The reason I bought the print is the obvious happy/sad dichotomy.  Yet I never considered the two states to be related.  Certainly not having a causal relationship.  In my mind they were all always moving along independent of each other.  The girl’s crying and the rabbit’s going to cure that.

I try to live my own life along similar lines.  I have to remind myself that just because a friend’s troubled shouldn’t give me cause to worry.  In fact my happiness can be better used as a great example for them to follow.  Their misery may love my company, but I have enough trouble answering phones let alone opening doors. 

Perhaps she’s crying ‘cuz that bunny is whispering jokes into her ear that are that funny.

[I’ve since moved the print in question into the living room, and out of the bedroom. This way I won’t get blind-sided by such questions upon waking up.]

It was supposed to end there, a nice short blog.  Then I ran into this guy at the library:

Straight up sleeping in the chair!  Totally out!  I’ve been tired, tired enough to fall asleep while walking once (plus I was really bored) so I can appreciate the pose. 

This made me happy not so much for seeing him, but for being able to take his photograph on the sly.  (As sly as you would need to be with a sleeping subject.)  For all the slander I shoot at my camera during the derby season, I really do love it dearly.  It has a “museum” setting that disables the flash and any noise so that people won’t know your taking photos! 

Some days I’m just too excited to be alive!  Hopefully someone’s clandestinely taking my photo as I type this!


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