K. Kringle’s Makes Every Day Christmas


—K. Kringle’s Makes Every Day Christmas on St. Pete Beach—

Christmas comes in July and every other month at K. Kringle’s.


When seen from the street,  immediately evokes Christmas; no small feat considering its right in the middle of St. Pete Beach. 

The storefront windows adorned with candy canes, elves, and snowmen; the shop is sure to cause a double take, especially when viewed in the unrelenting heat of the Florida summer.  Sure, there’s an odd Easter bunny occasionally poking its head out, earning Kringle’s its “Holiday” title, but Christmas is its main attraction.



Walking into the store only intensifies the illusion.  Right through the front door is a fully decorated Christmas tree, a fake fireplace, naturally with stockings, even a mock-up staircase.  Inspired by her and her partners “love [for] the [Christmas] season and its decorating,” “Chief Elf Officer” Kristen Stanton, jumped at the opportunity to purchase and run a holiday store full-time.

Kringle’s business never stops, Stanton said, as there’s a constant flow of visitors who pick up “souvenirs and ornaments that say ‘St. Pete Beach’ and ‘Florida’ to signify where they went on vacation.”  


Also popular with the locals, Kringle’s carries lights and ornaments for the major “Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter” holidays. 


For Floridians, it’s Kringle’s extensive Christmas/Halloween village collection that’s the best seller.  “A huge collector’s item,” Kringle’s is the stop “for the new pieces or lights, trees, anything to stick in the village they have.”



Besides the main holidays, the seemingly endless store is also divided into themes: beaches, Wizard of Oz (including a giant-sized twister!), outdoor/wilderness, St. Patty’s day, and even a Fourth of July-theme, complete with red, white, and blue ornaments along with other patriotic items.

K. Kringle’s is open Monday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday’s 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.


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