Binary Roses

I hate coupons. It’s an admission often kept secret these days, but also completely true. There’s a lot of talk nowadays about coupon-eering. Television shows dedicated to it and its annoying practitioners, not to mention all the enabling websites loaded with coupons for products you’ve never even considered buying.

There’s a very good chance that someone you know, right now, is holding up a line in a major supermarket trying to buy 76 lbs of peanut butter for a nickel and three butterfly wings. Frustrating everyone in line behind them as they unload 50,000 questionable, unscannable Buy One, Get One and L’Oreal coupons.

This blog isn’t about them.

Saving money is a pursuit as time-consuming (read: -wasting) and banal as actually having a job and making it. Both leave you without any free time, while the second doubles the damage by leaving you with a bunch of crap you didn’t need and will never use.

This blog is instead about one man, one coupon, and one impossible dream; a dream of making the greatest Franky Panky 2011 souvenir this world has (n)ever seen.

Every year, after Franky Panky concludes, I’m left with a sore ass, a hard drive full of crappy photos, as well as a notebook full of notes; some of which may be true. From these humble pieces I construct my blogs celebrating the action. Which is fine for all those reading who don’t actually live in my head.

But what to do with all the leftover photos? I try to spend as little time online as possible, as I like to pretend I have better things to do than troll my own galleries. I’d be lying though if I said I didn’t love the the picture of everyone staring in wonder at an iridescent Angie Christ.

So imagine my surprise when my own job gave me a (hated) coupon that was actually useful!

A free 8×8 photo book, and even better, after checking out the website, the design was pretty much left up to me! (I know it’s hard to believe, but I’ve literally spent hours playing with this websites’ design.) A fateful merging of all my “useful” photos (i.e. ones that made the gallery cut) and the also-rans that I still love (i.e. the aforementioned Angie Christ one, plus some of the others who made it here.)

A couple hours of testing out different sequences later, and I’m done. While I won’t spend time in order to save money, I’m more than happy to waste time laying out a photo book that’ll be seen by an audience of one. (Possibly two, but I think my cat’s more interested in using it as a sleeping board than reading material.)

All thanks to the coupon’s one redeeming feature: its expiration date. Limiting the number of days I could spend uploading and cycling through all my fuzzy photos.


One Response to “Binary Roses”

  1. Coupons aren’t all that big in Australia – I don’t think I’ve actually ever used one, but my sister lives in the US and uses them all the time. I’ve sen some shows on TV about people collecting them and it looks crazy. I guess it does save some people quite a lot of money, though!

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