Tampa Tantrums vs the Santa Cruz Roller Girls (Rock ’em, Sock ’em Roller Derby)

Brace yourself, as there’s set to be three derby updates over the next three days. (Err… two days, as this started yesterday.) Today we have the rising WFTDA-stars Tampa Tantrums taking on the visiting Santa Cruz Roller Girls. As usual, derby ensues.

Such periodic failings are a shame in light of Santa Cruz’s otherwise impressive defense. Cruz’s pack never missing a chance to slap Tampa with some great booty blocks (courtesy of Foxee Firestorm) (47-85), or trapping a Tantrum mid-stride to split the pack (69-93).

(No disrespect meant for Santa Cruz by quoting a low point for them, I just don’t get a chance to use the term “great booty blocks” too often, and couldn’t pass it up. I’m sure you, the reader, will understand.)

Slams, jams, and, well, you’ve probably already had your fill of me hamming it up here, so just click this link here and get your recap on!


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