The Bradentucky Bombers vs the South Florida Roller Girls

Speedy Goncrack Mouse meets all 6ft of Dita Von Cheats.

Upon realizing I hadn’t pondered on about some facet of roller derby-dom in quite awhile, I quickly pulled this recap from my notebook. (Also, I didn’t want Blaque Jac to kill me next time she sees me.) This week we met a “new” derby league, the titular South Florida Roller Girls. Who are not from Sarasota, as I originally mistook, but from Fort Pierce, which is on Florida’s other coast. You know, the coast that houses that giant city we stole from the Cubans.

Read as I exploit‘s lack of editorial oversight!

Then came the infamous “Palindrome” jam: 12 vs 21; Dee Capitate against an angry and returning Blaque Jac. As if keeping track of all these numbers wasn’t hard enough already. Soon they’ll introduce an NSO named “SmitiNanehs” to really mess with my head (122-103)!

“Palindrome” jams? Yes, friends, all this and more is all right here!


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