Madeira Beach’s 9/11 Memorial Nearly Paid For

Madeira Beach’s 9/11 Memorial Has Nearly Paid For Itself

Thanks to successful fundraising, insiders agree the Memorial will be completable without City assistance.

Things are looking brighter for Madeira Beach’s 9/11 Memorial.  At the city’s last Committee meeting, it was reported that, largely due to the community’s continued support, the 9/11 Memorial will not need a loan in order to reach completion.
The rumor of a loan being needed has been traveling around the community since the last Committee meeting.  A consequence of the word “loan” being used a number of ways by numerous speakers, thus causing confusion around Madeira Beach.  Interim City Manager Bill Mallory notes that “there was a misinterpretation of how we [the Committee members] were defining the word ‘loan.’

Mallory explains, “I don’t think it [the term ‘loan’] was meant to be a loan in the true sense, that you would go to a bank and get a loan and pay it back.  It was [letting] the city advance the Committee the money… and as our fundraising efforts continue that money would go back to our city’s coffers.” 

Opening by assuaging the public’s fear, Mallory then brought out the good news.  Due to the success of the 9/11 Memorial Ad-hoc Committee’s fundraisers, including, but not limited to, the recent 10th anniversary ceremony, the Memorial has raised $21,042.  Those donations, plus an “additional $2,500 commitment letter from the American Legion,” raises the total to $23,542.  Factor in Home Depot’s renewed pledge to supply either building supplies or money, and Mallory feels that the monetary gap “has definitely been narrowed.”

More great news came from 9/11 Memorial Ad Hoc Committee member Robin Stachs, who added that a local construction company has “volunteered to supply any pilings or infrastructural work [the Memorial] might need.”  Adding that the work would be done at “either extremely minimal cost or free.” 

Stachs seconded Mallory’s assessment that “with the money we have now, and the pledges that have not been [collected], we pretty much [have] this thing handled.”  Pointing out that they’re already close to reaching their $70,000 goal, the only additional help the Memorial Ad Hoc Committee will need from the city is its continued support.


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