Treasure Island Mulls Special Event Parking

Treasure Island’s Board of Commissioners held a meeting last week to discuss Special Event Parking. This soon turned into the toughest article I’ve ever tried to create. Board members speak a sort of legalese that will melt your mind:

The Planning Board then suggested that a separate definition for “Special Event” be created, as “an approved activity that can be either recurring or non-recurring.” Noting that such an event would be “for a short duration of time, and is usually an entertainment, education, cultural, or neighborhood event.” With such “special events” ranging from neighborhood yard sales all the way to parades and carnivals. Taking care to mention that the agreed upon cut-off time for such events was two weeks, and that it would be “permitted in all land-use districts.”

Imagine 1.5 hours of that! Now with these recurring events, does the two week duration begin when the actual “special event” starts, from when you apply for the “special event” designation, or from a time designated when applying to be a “special event?”

An hour plus of semantical hairsplitting reduced to one coherent article right here!


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