Halloween Endurance Test: Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood (2003)

I guess they felt they had gone too far with all the cross-dressing in Leprechaun in the Hood, because the sequel, Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood toes the line on the weird stuff. Unless you consider a man attacking a rainbow with a shovel “weird.” In which case all they really did was substitute a pedestrian fetish for absurdity.

Sadly, the Leprechaun’s producers followed up one of his stronger films with a definite weaker retread. How do you top Ice-T? You don’t, you just get Sticky Fingaz instead. As with all of Leprechaun’s weaker less memorable installments, Back 2 tha Hood features too many antagonists. Leprechaun 4: In Space had a corrupt space captain and a cyborg/doctor/scorpion hybrid. This one has an evil drug dealer, a failed love interest, and our favorite imp, the Trol… Leprechaun.

There’s one “good” drug dealer, Cedric, (Sticky Fingaz; doing it to make money to impress his ex) and one “bad” one , Watson (Shiek Mahmud-Bey; playing a guy who just likes selling drugs). Sticky’s ex, Emily (Tangi Miller), discovers the Leprechaun’s buried treasure during a picnic and shares it with her friends Jamie (Page Kennedy), and Rory (Laz Alonso). Who’re all marked as the Leprechaun’s (Warwick Davis) victims.

After Emily’s friend Lisa (Sherrie Jackson) turns up dead, Emily understandably wants to return all the gold. This causes a rift between her and Cedric, who is, by the way, the least convincing actor in the group. First he’s cursing Emily out for taking the money back, and then, after sharing a tender moment with her staring at their old pictures, becomes supersensitive.

The Leprechaun’s remarkably sensitive in this one too, strangely foregoing all use of magic. He instead relies on his physical prowess, which, one can guess, is less than impressive. He loses an(other) eye to a curling iron, gets shot too many times to count, and by too many guns to count, and is run over by a motorcycle. Twice. And none the worse for wear for any of it!

Warwick Davis' finest acting moment, just look at the shock in his face!

Though some of this combat is inspired, if nothing else. The Leprechaun’s big showdown with drug kingpin Watson is first interrupted by a phone call. After the call’s ended, Watson proceeds to beat the Leprechaun senseless. This going on so long that Watson eventually tires; giving the Leprechaun a chance to tear his heart out.

This invulnerability displayed by the Leprechaun is matched only by that of his gold. This film posits that his (tiny) chest of gold continually regenerates. Which makes his telling how he’s missing gold a mystery. Since all he has to do is wait 15 minutes to be just as rich.

To his credit, the Leprechaun does rip a cop’s leg off straight from the knee, and then steals the cop’s car.

The one thing the Leprechaun yet again proves vulnerable to is the fabled four-leaf clover. (Making this an almost series long mainstay; appearing in 2/3rds of the films.) Filling their hollow-point bullets with four-leaf remnants, our heroes finish the Leprechaun off in a gunfight that would later inspire Underworld.

Even these, though, fail to finish him off. (After surviving through five, vastly different films, you’d expect as much.) So Cedric and Emily finally just pull him off the roof, with his gold, into a pit of concrete. A pit the Leprechaun shows absolutely no interest in climbing out of, as he just somberly sinks, awaiting his next sequel.


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