Tampa Bay Derby Darlins’ Rookie Rumble (2011)

The 1st thing you learn in derby is the importance of the "conga" formation.

It’s surprising, I know, but I don’t actually hibernate the 11 months out of the year that aren’t Halloween. Instead I watch hours and hours of roller derby, and then try to translate the action into words. Sometimes it works, and some times it don’t. I’ll let you decide which category this falls into:

Only to watch Teddy Machete return to blast the spread wide open again with another power jam. Causing, as would happen all night, an immediate response from the Little Monsters. The Monsters’ jammer, Sukie Sydal, would retie the score at the half (34-33).

While I certainly don't drink, sometimes my camera does...

Haven’t given up yet? Then you’ve earned a link! To the article in question, enjoy! New skaters, new pseudonyms, and the same old derby action you’ve been loving for years.

This shot isn't "bad," it was just too large to fit in the article.


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