Atomic Holiday Bazaar (2011)

On the list of things your sister needs as a gift this year, glitter gel war paint should rank pretty high.  I don’t even know what that is; all I know is that it’s made by Destructa (whom you’ll know from my Bradentucky Bomber recaps as P.B. Arlene), and it’s beloved the world ’round.

Granted, that last fact does come straight from Destructa, creator of said glitter gel war paint, but she’s never been proven to be wrong before.  Plus, she found this amazing pin for me while checking out her Glamour shots-loving competition:

You can read the article with Destructa describing her wares here, though you probably don’t need to. I mean, just look at the opening picture again. It’s a robot screwing a girl doggie-style! Also, how else are you going to find out just what glitter gel war paint is, and how it will fix your pathetic life?

The rest of Destructa’s Cannibal Crafts wares will be there too, along with her new Aerologie line. (Both conveniently linked to here in case you’re smart enough to not live in Florida, and thus will have to import a bit of our awesomeness into that sad destination you call a “state.”

Is ShenaniTims full of shit? Tell him now!

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