Blood & Thunder: Riding Pink Wings of Fury

Hey, that's me!

What happens when you take a love for roller derby, along with two relentless friends/collaborators, and mixed in a healthy dose of inexplicable OB/GYN “humor?” You get issue 19 of Blood & Thunder, featuring an article written by yours truly, compiled from interviews conducted by Flirtin W. Disaster, and assists from everyone’s favorite overworked photographer, Christopher W. Weeks:

Totally legit this time, unlike my Franky Panky photo book! Read this and you’ll be able to impress your friends with your in-depth knowledge of the history of roller derby in Tampa, up through the Tantrums season last year, the “birth” of Tampa’s mascot Frank Flamingo, as well as the aforementioned OB/GYN joke.

Order the magazine here!


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