Deadly Rival Roller Derby vs the Tampa Bay Derby Darlins

Spyro Nova being sized up by Anita Bopabitch

There’s been a lot of roller derby action in these parts as of late, so expect more derby news and less bad movies. At least until the pendulum swings the other way…

The bout in question here marks the first on-track meeting of the (Tampa) Bay area’s two leagues: the Tampa Bay Derby Darlins and Deadly Rival Roller Derby. (Okay, there’s also a third, the Pinellas County Roller Girls, who’re still technically around, but they haven’t bouted or been publicly active since DRRD split from them.)

It was a blowout, but a fun blowout to watch:

The personification of the Rivals’ whole philosophy, Nova shocked the crowd when finishing up a power jam. Skating beside Tampa’s Suzie B. Catastrophe, Nova went for the block, rather than just call the jam off. Nova was floored, but not without first giving an impressive display of defiance (166-42).

Read about the rest of it here!

Vaude Villain jamming


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