The Switchblade Sisters vs the Edison Homewreckers

The Tampa Bay Derby Darlins’ second bout of the(ir) regular season was a double-header. One starting off with the Switchblade Sisters facing off against the amazingly monikered Edison Homewreckers (from Fort Myers obviously). In hindsight, the Derby Darlins probably should’ve fielded the Bruise Crew, who have some experience facing off against Fort Myers, against the Homewreckers, as this one was a rough one:

With the defense locked up, all Fort Myers had to do was stick to their three jammer rotation: Serenity Storm, Lil Miss Slambags, and Yo Slammity Sam. Amazingly, this was Sam’s first actual bout, yet she certainly didn’t skate like it. Easily pulling in grand slams, with the only hint of her inexperience being her noticeable reliance on her bench for when to call off a jam.

Read all about it here!


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