The Lakeland Derby Dames vs the Bradentucky Nuclear Bombshells

The Lakeland Derby Dames have been on a tear recently. Destroying the Pinellas County Roller Girls last October, and now showing no remorse towards Bradentucky. Unfortunately the charge on my camera gave out before I could take any shots, so all I have are ultra-dark, ultra-grainy photos taken with my point-and-shoot stand-by. To make it up to you, I transcribed some awesome (Derby Dame) Bullett Proof Chest dialogue:

Bullett Proof Chest: “It’s ‘Shelbizzle.”
Unidentified Derby Dames Fan: “I can’t say that.”
BPC: “Just say, ‘-Bizzle.”
Unidentified Derby Dames Fan: “GO BIZZLE!
BPC: “You know she can’t hear you…”

Read about all the action here!


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