9,000 Frayed Wires

I was originally going to use this shot for the header, but soon realized that it looks like one of the generic “header” shots they provide you with. Fuck the public domain.

I recently became embroiled an argument with a friend over which city is superior: St. Pete or Tampa. Non-Florida residents won’t know this, but the (Tampa) Bay that divides them runs deep. So deep that most Tampians avoid crossing the bridge, unaware that the 20 minutes it takes to cross the Bay into Heaven is, mathematically, the exact same amount of time as the 20 minutes it takes them to drive down the street to the grocery store.

I hold that St. Petersburg is awesome because it has beaches, brick roads, and art – tons of (usually public) artwork.

Casually located on the side of a public garage!

My opponent held that St. Pete is also home to 1,001 hippies. Claiming that she couldn’t survive there without going on a (possibly homicidal) head-punching rampage. A charge that is not without grounds, as the hippy affliction will detract from any city’s curb appeal.

I countered with the argument that these hippies are an unfortunate byproduct of many of the things that make St. Pete great. Any city with an abundance of trees and bike paths is going to attract its fair share of damned, dirty hippies. It’s a dependable fact of life, the same as rain on a Sunday morning.

Instead of art, and/or nature, Tampa proudly showcases bums as its main cultural attraction. Bums, traffic, and uh… gridlock? Does “gridlock” count separate from “traffic?” How about “ugly, expensive, and inefficient infrastructure?” (I’m looking at you, I-275/I-4 interchange.)

She then professed an affinity for Pink Floyd. We stopped talking soon afterwards…


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