Goodbye Corneas

Now I know the idea of owning music is currently being challenged by the internet, with the record companies having lost any ground they could’ve ever dreamed of having.  But just imagine how friggin’ awesome it would be for Berry Gordy to knock on my (your?) door and demand the return of this, his record.  (According to the bit of legalese in the upper corner.)

“Son, I was driving through one of Tampa’s countless ghettos and had the urge to listen to “Smokin’ Smokey Robinson” again.  I hereby demand you return the promo to me, posthaste!  It is, after all, in your possession illegally!”

It would be the best two dollars ever spent.  (Making no judgements about Smokey’s claims that if “You Say It, We Play It,” yet not even touching the classic “Light’s Out.”)


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