Public Grief

Maybe I’m just being picky, but is it really a “dream wedding” if the bride dies during the reception?  Now I know receptions happen after the wedding proper, but still.  You could be married for two years and still make it on “The Newly Wed Game.”  So I think your wedding counts as the whole day, and not just the ceremony.  Which means this editor has quite a bizarre idea of what a “dream wedding” is. 

Not to mention the poor husband!  Not only does his wife die within an hour of marrying him, but then he makes the front page of the local paper!  How’s he ever going to live this down?

“Well I managed not to step on her toes like you warned me about Dad.  But I did accidentally force the life out of her body. Did that happen with Mom?”
What can he possibly do now? Marry again?  No girl is going to date him! I wouldn’t even talk to this guy, and neither of us are gay!  He’s got some bad hoodoo following him around.  

Speaking of hoodoo, just imagine the curse he put on said editor for running this story.


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