Twitches Too (2007)

I figure since Twitches Two begins with a minute synopsis of the first one, I would just link to my synopsis here. In case you, faithful readers, had forgotten about the Mowry sisters’ previous adventure. Lord knows I did. Their second adventure begins years after the first, with Alex (Tia Mowry) and Camryn’s (Tamera Mowry) father, King Aron (Kevin Jubinville) dead and their mother, Miranda (Kristen Wilson) being haunted by “the darkness.”

(While an actor not returning to a not particularly popular “made for TV” movie series isn’t exactly big news, in Disney it actually is. The absence of any family member while normal by today’s standards, is still jarring to the worldview Disney likes to pretend still exists. This is one of the many fascinating details you’ll start to pick up as you spend more time with Disney’s television programs.)

The darkness is back, and it’s learned some new tricks! Eschewing its old form as a black cloud to instead now taking on human characteristics that float around. So we see a sleeping Alex being rushed upon by a intangible black ghost-hand, Evil Dead-shakey cam style. (Another nice “feature” of watching Disney films, you get to see firsthand what once novel filmmaking tricks have now entered the popular lexicon. Sam Raimi, consider yourself assimilated.)

Besides the darkness’ reappearance, everything is going great for the twitches. Alex and Camryn’s human/adoptive parents really seem to be dealing with the news that their daughter had a secret twin sister amazingly well. Not to mention the fact that both daughters are royalty from a magic kingdom. The casting of spells at home doesn’t even make them blink!

The sisters, however, can’t stand each other. Alex runs off on her non-adoptive parents’ dime to attend Waverly College, while Camryn is happy to skip out on her studies to learn magic in Coventry. (Important Disney-universe fact: Twitches Too premiered on the same day as the future hit, Wizards of Waverly Place.) And gets her ass stuck in a wall when a spell misfires. Same as with the first movie, Twitches Two is also very light with the conflict.

I guess the slow burn/turn of Alex and Camryn’s biological mom, Miranda, into the movie’s villain could be considered a surrogate conflict. Alex doesn’t agree with Miranda’s new policies (restricting magic use to only royalty, refusing to allow her children to look for their missing father, etc.), but chooses to smolder quietly than just confront her mother.

Miranda swears all the warning signs they keep encountering are just tricks of Thantos (Patrick Fabian), the god of Darkness. Which does create an interesting tension here; considering Disney’s aesthetic. Either Miranda is correct, and the father is dead, thus having Disney create a single-parent environment. Or the mother is lying, which would also obviously go against Disney’s family image.

I won’t give away who was right, and who was wrong, since, as far as mysteries go, this one was decent. Disney didn’t show its hand, instead giving us cynics some surprisingly deep characters. Needless to say, both Thantos and Aron are alive and eventually released from the Shadow realm to battle.

Twitches Two being the first Disney movie I’ve seen where a ruined nuclear family actually pulls itself together by the time the credits roll, rather than just negotiating its loss. Though, man, Thantos is one bastard of a brother-in-law.

Note to self: start being a better Godfather…

—ShenaniTims Still Holds that Twitches is the Greatest Disney Movie—



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  1. this move is great!!!!!!

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