Bradentucky’s Nuclear Bombshells Blast Palm Coast


Searching my notes, I find that Bradentucky had one unreported bout leftover. Before 2012’s Franky Panky tournament ate up most of my time, and way before the Puppet Master finished off the rest of it, Bradentucky’s Nuclear Bombshells took on Palm Coast’s Roller Girls.

I am unfamiliar with Palm Coast, which was fitting, as the Bombshells’ roster is also rather new to me. So this was like watching two new teams, one of which came to the rink wearing colors you are comfortable with.

Making things even better was how close the bout was. Neither team trailing by more than 20 points, which isn’t a huge lead in derby terms. Bradentucky maintaining said lead as Palm Coast looked to upset; with the Nuclear Bombshells finally taking the win: 90-136. Read all the details here!


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