Heartfelt Solutions to Ridiculous Problems

“Ma’am, your total is $20.01.”

“Okay,” she replies, reaching into her purse, looking for her cash. Failing, she then asks, “Do you have any coupons?”

“What? Uh, no.”

Now I don’t know how such transactions occur wherever this lady is from, but everywhere I’ve ever been, it’s actually the customers’ job to bring the coupons. I, the one behind the register, want to make money. You, the customer, want to save money.

So we both go about different ways to make this happen. My business sets the prices that the items cost. You decide whether that price is fair, and try to find ways to lower said cost. Such as, but not limited to, using coupons. The onus is still on you to provide the coupons though.

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