The Bradentucky Bombers vs the Fort Myers Derby Girls


The photo above isn’t the best shot from the set included in my article about Bradentucky’s recent bout against Fort Myers. Not even close. But the shot has a picture of Bradentucky’s often ignored, but never forgotten, secondary mascot: the space jelly fish. (The first mascot, of course, being the iconic Charlie Brown lights.) He looks so benevolent back there, always quietly watching the action that he can never take part of.

It even looks like he’s having a moment with Klymaxxx! While Phelony PhatBottom skates away in disgust.

Forget about her, space jelly fish, because this is your moment. Enjoy it.

Pssst… to all my non-space jelly fish readers, the article can be read here when space jelly fish turns his heart-breaking eyes away from you.


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