Dr. Basketball Has the Cure For What Ails You


Apologies as I’ve been slacking on the update front. I’m trying to watch a film a day, and for the most part have managed to, with one major exception: tonight.

In efforts to promote our next feature, “the Tragic, Terrible Tale of Dr. Basketball: A Techno-Gore Musical,” as well as round up a cast, Truant and I went to the Largo Rocky Horror Picture Show simulcast. They were amazingly supportive, and willing to show our trailer before the film for the next few weeks to drum up support.


The only problem being we didn’t have a trailer.

So tonight I teamed up with Truant and his (equally) amazing and supportive wife VigilAnte to make one. Our 30 second commercial took over 2 hours to make, but I have nothing to complain about; unlike when films cross the 120-minute mark.

Click here to see it in all its glory.

Click the link to enjoy the craziness, and please take a moment to “Like” both the youtube page as well as Armzka Production’s facebook page. It’s the same two demented brains that brought you the hit short “the Haunted Stroller,” just with songs. And more prep time.

You won’t be disappointed.


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