The Haunted Stroller is Still Gnawing on St. Petersburg’s Bones


The Haunted Stroller is quickly becoming the short that wouldn’t die. Which will hopefully transition soon into “the short that puts FL on the filmmaking map; making Leigh and ShenaniTims millionaires.” Or at least thousand-aires. Hundred-aires?

A free tank of gas maybe?


Anyway, excited about winning the Audience Choice Award at this year’s Florida Free Film Fest, Leigh and I decided to throw down the gauntlet where the big kids play, at Creative Loafing’s Reel Terror Film Fest.


All this while the Tragic, Terrible Tale of Dr. Basketball: a Techno-Gore Musical (click here for a real, honest to goodness commercial!) heads toward production. My schedule just became a lot more hectic.



Is ShenaniTims full of shit? Tell him now!

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