Halloween’s Last Sparkle of Blood Red Light

Halloween’s finally over. I tried to watch a film every day, succeeded for most of them (I still have a few that are typed but need screen captures), but some days the work of trying to put on a musical cross between Gallagher and GWAR took its toll. My apologies.

One thing I did do, however, and failed to write about was creating a Halloween mood table. Dinosaur Dracula popularized the idea this year, seen on numerous other blogs since, and it made a lot of sense to me to concentrate my decorations in order to harness their horrific output, as I really don’t have that many.

All my money goes into buying records of questionable worth and/or quality. Also, I don’t have anything remotely related to a “mood table,” so I used a random hanging storage unit instead.











Extra thanks going to Brad McGinty for all the awesome Gorp buttons and Gross Out Kids cards, and Critters and Gods great (and free!) Cthulu-inspired artwork zine. You should sign up on their mailing list, ‘cuz it’s great to come home from work to find new artwork sitting in your mailbox.



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