‘Stache Bash 2013


I usually try to keep my Octobers derby-free every year. This allows me to conduct my Halloween Endurance Test in relative peace without the thought of a journalistic deadline eating away at my psyche. This year though, I felt bad because I had been MIA from roller derby since I switched careers and set fire to (most of) my old life.


So when the Tampa Bay Derby Darlins’ Championship bout, the ‘Stache Bash, was scheduled in October, I couldn’t say no. This year, following a bench-clearing, start from scratch, Day One draft, promised to break the Black Widows and Cigar City Mafia’s stranglehold on the Derby Darlins’ league title. (This year also introduced a trophy for the winning team to lord over until next season.) Giving us something this year that had only been hinted at in the past. Each year the Switchblade Sisters would get better, and come closer to the Championship, and with the draft/roster mix-up in place, and now they’ve finally succeeded!


‘Stache Bash 2013: the Black Widows vs the Switchblade Sisters – a match-up I would’ve thought crazy even one year ago; now a reality. Read about all the details in the write-up here.


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