Possibly Better than Mashed Potatoes


It’s weird, this will be the first time I’ve been truly excited about thanksgiving in nearly seven years. (Except maybe here.) I realized this last week when I was driving to work. For the first time in forever, a national holiday will actually mean real time off from work.

Granted, this freedom comes at the cost of no holiday pay or insurance, but thinking about it now, overall this seems like s small price to pay.

Before, back when I worked retail, the three major holidays were: Thanksgiving, Easter, and Christmas. (Now it’s shrunk down to just Easter and Christmas.) What this meant was less than 24 hours off of work – once you factor in the work details. Such as always seeming to be the one chosen to close the night before, despite having the farthest to travel home. So I’d usually work really late, hop home and sleep for a few hours, wake up and drive for another hour to see the family, and “enjoy” the holiday for 3-4 hours before driving back.

Not to mention the not inconsiderable fact that before heading home I would be thinking of the considerable (work) day ahead: Black Friday or the day after Christmas.

Such thoughts usually take you right out of the holiday spirit. You can’t really appreciate all the stories being made around you because you’re too preoccupied with your boss’ vision of how things should be.

Which is probably the exact reason why I’m so stoked now. I’m looking at four days with nothing to do but bask in the glory of homemade sugar free cream cheese pie. And nothing else.

One Response to “Possibly Better than Mashed Potatoes”

  1. Tim's brother Says:

    That’s how I used to feel when I worked at Publix. I had to work Thanksgiving day for the first time in my life this year. I had a good run I guess.

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