All Hail RoboNyan, Our (Robotic Cat) Overlord!


Today marked the day I received my first paycheck in Korea. It’s special because unlike almost every other paycheck I’ve ever received, it’s almost all spending money. My rent is paid as per my contract, all I have to pick up are the bills and keep myself fed. So naturally I bought the first stupid thing I could think of, a model of a giant robot cat.


Seriously, if there’s one thing that could possibly wear away at my sanity and make me miss “home” it’s having an apartment that’s not full of stupid tchotchkes. And nothing says “tchotchkes” like “giant robot cat.” It practically screams it.

This is easily the weirdest “toy” I’ve seen yet. Well, this and the series of robots who transform into foodstuff (hotdogs, hamburgers, etc.).


Apparently he’s Robonyan, some kind of animated character. I’m tempted to bring him to class with me so I can ask my students what they know about him. Or I’ll just keep him on my desk, sitting there as an fragile little metallic kitten with blue smoke shooting out his ass. I’ll give you one guess about which situation is most likely to come to pass.


Okay, I splurged and bought something “useful” too. A bag of beans so that I can take a crash course in chop-sticking. To be honest, I had never used a pair of chop sticks in the US. Sure, I tried to use them once or twice, but no Chinese food was worth the aggravation. So moving to a place where being skilled in chop sticks is assumed is quite a challenge. One of my co-workers suggested practicing on beans, saying that’s how he learned years ago. We’ll see how it goes.


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