Tempest 2000 of the Mind

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Click the pic to go to its original site.

I’m beginning to love Wednesdays. Most people dread them (I used to too) because they mark the week’s halfway point. Meaning you’re now stuck in the midst of it; you’ll have to wade through just as much shit to escape as you did to get here. It’s the old half-empty/half-full dilemma and yet somehow I’ve ended up in the optimist camp.

Or perhaps I’m just a hardened pessimist. I am, after all, always considering any given day to be “over” almost as soon as I wake up. My morning bike rides start around 8:30-9, and I’m always looking forward to the day ahead through a decidedly reminiscent lens. The day’s barely started yet and here I am, already plotting out tomorrow’s activities.

So Wednesdays are just Thursdays who are too lazy to get a move on. Thursdays are Fridays in disguise. And Fridays are a painful wait for the inevitable weekend that I’m already enjoying in my head anyway. (I work less than four hours every Friday, so the idea of considering them an actual “day” is rather absurd.)

I know, I know, it’s overly complicated, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.



Today was made even sweeter as I learned that my last class for tomorrow had been cancelled. So Thursday is acting like the Friday deep down it knows it is. This, coupled with the fact that my drone organ arrived today makes this week practically unbeatable.

Since what’s better than an extra “short” day? One with presents!


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