And Here’s the Follow-Up to the Previous Post

So my first day with the new class involved one girl who wanted to eat Santa. But these new classes aren’t all cannibalism and sunshine. No, there’s some real dangers here.

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 5.18.55 PM copy

Many of the students I had had prior to this particular grouping were shocked to discover that “Tim Teacher” can’t do everything. Even after I explained that English doesn’t have the “ㅡ” sound at all. A response akin to telling little kids in the US that Santa isn’t real. Total shock and heartbreak.

I did eventually manage to pronounce the unpronounceable “ㅡ” though. Even if it took a lot of time and practice on my part. Oh, the sacrifices we make for work. A sacrifice that came in the form of practicing before each class privately with the student while everyone else was busy studying. While it might have cost her some study time, I like to think she ultimately appreciated the effort.


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