Why Everyone Needs Artistic Friends

Recently I had a friend offer to draw portraits of whoever wanted one on the cheap. Something about expanding one’s artistic horizons or something. Pushing oneself outside of one’s comfort zone. $5 for black and white, $10 for color.

I’m nothing if not an unrepentant egoist. So naturally I was down before she placed the offer on her wall. My original idea was to not give any instructions when I was asked what I wanted. Since what I really wanted was a completely honest interpretation of me by someone who doesn’t know me that well. Only knows me through the random bits of Facebook knowledge one might pick up while randoming scanning. Unfortunately, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that that answer would lead to something typical.

So instead I provided two extremes. One, the aforementioned desire to have an interpretation of me unhindered by actual “facts.” Go notes, you’re the artist! Followed immediately with a hyper-detailed request: me lounging in a bathtub full of coins a la Scrooge McDuck. Not detailed enough for you? I noted that I would be weating a suit while lounging, and that the tub should be clawfooted. It seems short summing it up in hindsight, but believe me, the actual request had 2-3 lines dedicated to the tub alone.


Easily the best $5 investment I’ve ever made. And further proof that everyone should have artistic friends; or at least acquaintances.


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