Election Day 2016! (In Korea)


So it’s election day in Korea, which means it’s a national holiday. I spent all week thinking how wonderful it would be if we had that in the US. Imagine if everyone, even the poor, were allowed the chance to vote! Could you imagine? We might eventually end up with some working class politicians, instead of endless reams of displaced European royalty.

But it turns out that the Korean government is probably just trying to shoehorn in more national holidays. Which is yet another thing that I find it tough to disagree with.

What you’re not seeing in the picture are the trucks that have been driving around for weeks with giant screens on the back playing videos of the candidate. Or the supporters standing on the street corners in matching, color-coordinated outfits waving, dancing, and passing out fliers. (Candidate 1 is obviously red, 2 is blue, and 3 is green.)

Take everything you think of when you hear the word “festival,” and mix it with what you already know about elections, and you’re close to how much fun this makes an election cycle. Imagine candidates whose supporters try to outwave each other instead of attacking each other.

And the results are in!



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