The Future (Still) Sucks


So approximately one billion years ago, or May 7th, 2014, whichever is closer, the Venture Compound had an art show called “the Future Sucks.” Clearly confused, they then asked Armzka Productions to participate. After all, Armzka is, at its core, one-half talented art guy and one-half loudmouth blowhard. Case in point – we agreed, and then had to work on an idea. I had none naturally, besides an overriding desire for the past 6 months to create and use a working greenscreen.

After a number of trips to Home Depot, tons of PVC bought, PVC cutters also bought, and a lazy Sunday afternoon spent waiting in line at some linen store packed with geriatrics, we had a workable frame and sufficient green cloth. I think we also bought some floodlights to augment what Leigh already had. And we were set!

For failure. It turns out while you technically can make a greenscreen for around $40 using a limited base of construction knowledge and a lot of trial and error, it’s not going to look that good. Not even good enough for Armzka’s level of “professionalism.” So Leigh ordered a real kit off of Amazon.


While we may not be proud of the process (or, at least,  I’m not), we are stoked with the results! So there it is in all its glory. We also had a television streaming the footage set up in the gallary so that your friends could stand around and laugh while you acted the fool in front of video footage (ripped and stitched together from that you couldn’t see. Great times were had by all.

So here the night is, as chronicled by one of our friends as we were too busy running back and forth making sure all the pieces didn’t fall apart.


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