Milk Soda!

People who know me generally recognize two things. One, I love soda. I will drink it until I’m sick, and then switch to cider in an ill-fated attempt to ward off the sickness. Two, I can’t stand milk. (“Milk” in general, as I’m an unrepentant fan of banana milk, and also more recently watermelon milk.) I frequently paraphrase some quote I read a million years ago about how humans are the only animals who continue drinking milk waaay past their infancy stage of development.


It was with a mix of apprehension and bewilderment that I approached milk soda. It can’t possibly be good, can it? So we were at a stalmate. Neither side having a reason to move. Until finally a detente was reached.

See, recently I’ve taken to actually fighting low blood sugars the way my doctor’s had originally taught (i.e. eat and drink something). So I finally broke down and tried milk soda one day when my foot decided to stop functioning.


The verdict? Well, it turns out milk soda is a bit of a misnomer. It doesn’t actually taste like milk, or soda. In fact, I believe the stuff in this particular can was blue. (Obviously the drink in the plastic bottle was white colored, but I didn’t need that much mystery drink.)

Now, I’m not a farmer, I stopped drinking milk a long time ago, and I certainly had no friends in the 4H club, but I’m pretty sure milk isn’t blue. At least in the States, as I’ve had another bovine-themed drink over here (Slow Cow) which is also blue. But that hails from Canada (or 캐나다, as I learned in class this week!), and thus is beyond the scope of this particular review.


Is ShenaniTims full of shit? Tell him now!

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