Celebrity Love Skunk

Success! Or even more success, if that’s even possible! Apparently Hurrican Jia is doing me proud; even when in someone else’s class.

Hurricane’s class was learning to use “over” as a preposition (“the pencil is over there”). But I had used it previously in class (probably their first introduction to it) as a phrase (“okay guys, class is over“).

So now Hurricane’s waging a war with the teacher over who’s correct; whether “over” means “finished” or as an indicator of a place. I almost feel sorry for the teacher here, as I named her “Hurricane” for a reason. This is a fight the new guy’s not going to win. While Jia might be domesticating slightly (becoming more “lady-like”), her world is still very black-and-white. And I’m still Tim Teacher. The sun rises and sets with me as far as these kids are concerned; a devotion that I can’t even fathom.

Speaking of unfathomables, why the new guy didn’t just tell them that over has two different uses is also beyond me. I do it all the time – “It means both. You can use it both ways. I know, I know, it’s confusing. That’s why English is so hard to learn, and why you’re so smart.”


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