Consider This To Be Your Warning

Don’t say I didn’t warn you…


Country travel isn’t as glamorous as many imagine. While there are miles of beautifully paved, relatively traffic-free roads, roadside accomodations can tend to be… less than optimal.

Now my favorite local mountain, Moak-san, has a positively space-aged toilet. Look at this thing! There’s a remote control for it! Ride about a mile down the road though, and things take a turn for the worse…


Look at that “wonder.” Literally just a hole in the ground with a bit of plastic?, porcelain?, (who knows?) around it. You also can’t tell from the pictures that (surprise, surprise) there were no lights. And no windows. Making the only illumination the tiny bit of space between the bottom of the door and the floor.

Pissing in this thing in near total darkness while listening to Fela Kuti’s “V.I.P.” (so appropriate!) was terrifying. Mainly because I’m still a FL boy, so all I could imagine was an alligator coming crawling up from there. Which makes no sense, but when has my brain ever bothered with anything like sense?

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